Who are they?  Are they for real?  ABSOLUTELY! 

Let me share my  personal “wake-up call” story (Lanaiya King) to illustrate an answer to these questions, and also to prove to you there is indeed a sparkling Masterful You waiting inside, to be awakened and experienced.
Over 20 years ago I was living in Tokyo and feeding my two infants dinner  in their highchairs.  Amidst all the clatter, I suddenly had a funny thought go through my head,  “I wonder how long my life will go on like this?” Instantly my head had the intense physical sensation of unzipping, and I was sucked completely out of my body.  As this was happening, I sat down so not to fall. Everything went black. Within a short flash of time, I witnessed from the inside out, my spirit returning to my body in a vast swirling array of blinding gold light. From this moment, EVERYHING in my life changed.
In that moment, all I could do was laugh great big Buddha belly laughs…I felt larger than a mountain and witnessed the sensations of total harmony, peace, balance, freedom and mastery.  I instantly noticed I had some rather strange new abilities.  Amazingly, prior to my “awakening” I had absolutely no knowledge of self empowerment, spirituality, and didn’t even know the meaning of the word “metaphysical”.
My innate abilities to see past lives, see energy fields, read future probabilities, connect to my guides and even to my home ”motherships” was instantaneous. What a trip!  It was all so strange yet felt as natural to me as breathing.   I was surrounded by a gold sphere of light for three weeks while I received teachings from my spiritual guides and higher self.  I noticed that when I touched someone, I could read their “blueprints”…physical, mental and emotional patterns, and more fantastically, if they were out of balance, I knew how to correct them.  I had the uncanny urge to begin to make precise sounds (called Toning), and use strange new body hand motions (called Mudras) to heal and and balance. And all of this was only the beginning. 
I “remembered” with an acute awareness, my divine essence, life plan and my “starseed” heritage and family of light. I “jumped off the cliff” into the arms of spirit guidance, relocated back to the USA on a wing and a prayer, and dedicated my new life to re-discovering myself and being of service to the world as a Lightworker. Choosing Life and Hope! What a Concept!  Magic and miracles have occurred as a result…and that, my friends, is another story!!! 
I salute all of the Spiritual Healers on the planet, and congratulate you on your Lightwork and dedication. I also invite all of Humanity to Wake-Up!! Bring Heaven to Earth!  The time is now!!  Take the upgrade!!
Love and Gratitrude to the Lightworkers and those Waking Up