Extradordinary shifts are taking place on Earth and beyond.

 The magnetics are dropping, the vibration is rising, our DNA is activating dormant strands, portals and stargates are opening, the earth grids are shifting….and this is only the tip of the iceberg!
As a result, All of Life on this planet is “Mutating-Up”, so to speak. Our light quotient, or crystalline light, is increasing off the charts.  Your body, along with the very fabric of reality, is shifting into a higher form.  With this comes huge paradigm-shifting  experiences, heightened multidimensional awareness and connectivity to all of life everywhere.
 As one might expect, we all feel the effects of this dramatic shift, to a greater or lesser degree at times, yet no one is “immune” to Ascension Symptoms,  (or as I sometimes lovingly refer to as Transmutational Shock and Trauma).

A Few Ascension Symptoms:

 Not feeling well, yet you test out perfectly and the doctor says you’re fine
 Waking up around 3am…erratic sleep patterns.
 Fluttering peripheral vision (new eyesight capabilities coming on line)
 Extreme fatigue for no reason. (rest needed through the changes)
 Ringing ears (adjustment to new frequencies)
 Flu-like symptoms (from your body letting go of Toxins as more light comes in)
 Strange aches and pains…(see above)
 Twitching eyes for a few days, then it goes away.
 Seeing something from your side vision, and as you look directly it’s not there (dimensional bleed through…seeing things here on a higher dimension)
 Loud buzzer or noises waking you up at night (new circuitry coming online)
 Hot flushes and sweats  (more energy coming in)
Heart Palpitati (chakra opening) 
Short term memory loss (brain circuit and neural net re-patterning)
 Sense of disconnectedness (you are moving into a new paradigm and it feels weird and different )
 Over emotionality (old buried emotions coming to the surface to be healed)
 Desire to get rid of clothes..or not resonating with your home, friends, or job as you did previously (your vibration is increasing and you are not resonating to the old ways)
 Craving of odd foods (your body is telling you what it needs to best ground in and support your changes)
 Sense of knowing something important is happening, but you don’t know what (Welcome to your new World!!!)
This list is by no means complete, yet it may allow you to relax into some strange symptoms and sensations occurring for you at this time.

 What to do?

 Please see a doctor if you feel it’s necessary…
 Give your physical body  permission to drop all resistance, and to move through all changes with Grace and Ease!