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 Old patterns re-surfacing? Intense issues in your face?
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Spring ‘Deep Clean’ Workshop
     … Core Level Clearing and Energy Upgrade 
         … with Lanaiya King
Sunday April 26,2015
1:30 – 5:00 pm
Home of Lanaiya King (directions below) 
4526 Triton Dr. #F
Murray, UT  84107
* Clearing specific deep core issues and finalizing karmic imprints
* Braking oaths, vows and agreements originating from long ago
* Re-balancing your physical, emotional and mental bodies..a special technique
* DNA awakening codes, ‘tones’ and energies to set a new platform of well-being
* Solfaggio ‘master sound healing’ frequencies…what are they?
* Solfaggio sound meditations for chakra & deep level clearing / expansion. 
     Call 801-604-2585
$66 paid by April 24, 2015
  … Payment click on ‘calendar’
$77 door if space available…please call ahead. 
     This is a very potent workshop…shift happens
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               Please come early to begin on time

How to move beyond struggle

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What’s on your mind?

Ask Lanaiya!

The sky is the limit…ask me!

Do you have questions about life, how to move forward, things going on in the world, galactic awareness… Whatever? Ask me just about anything and everything!

Submit your questions to me at Lanaiya.King@gmail.com

Dear Lanaiya,

I am really struggling today. Is there a specific way that you find most beneficial to COMMAND the universe?

Opportunities to move into a higher alignment within ourselves is being pushed by extraordinary light and energy coming to the planet… causing high emotion, struggle and breakdown showing up for a lot of people. This is actually a positive opportunity to change what is out of love and alignment. It’s your ‘stuff’ waving a hand saying “look at me…let’s change this!”.

‘Commanding’ the struggle, breakdown, and individual circumstances to be released is only part of the map to the final result of moving beyond. When we Command, “I release _________ to be done forever” , for example, we must follow this decree with our thoughts, words and actions, and also want to change on an inner level.

Sometimes struggle and ensuing breakdown continues because we have resistance to letting go of certain outmoded things in our life. We are attached to things that aren’t serving because they are familiar. And sometimes we are in outright fear over letting go of the very thing we want to change.

We have to remember to envision and focus on the change we want to create, not on the drama/trauma of the current situation.

Then positively feed that vision with your thoughts, words and actions, to align with the new manifestation. Have the courage and the trust in yourself to let go of the old mindset,fears,beliefs and behaviors that have you tethered to the Struggle. Vision the Infinite All providing the ways and means for your situation to change.

Your job, as the change agent for your life, is to vision the end result, and have faith in the Universe to provide the path, through the law of attraction.

We cannot have the law of Attraction give us a change or something new if we are still interacting with and thereby feeding the very thing we want to change.

Another note… sometimes we struggle because we are not patient, or are wanting to control the situation, rather than release it to the Higher Power, or our Higher Knowing. Letting go of our personal control provides the means to the solution where you personally find you have no answer. Higher intelligence always has the answer…we just need to surrender our lower mind and ego, have trust, and allow the solution to come forth.

I suggest getting inside of your dynamics of Struggle, being really honest with yourself, and get aligned with thoughts and actions to promote forward motion. If the answer to achieve your Command is not known, surrender this to the Universe, and have faith and trust that ‘the way’ will be provided.

After you have ‘Commanded forth and aligned your thoughts, words and actions, watch for all fears that come up. You must process (clear) all fears and resistances as a result of your Command/Decree. This is a crucial and often overlooked step, and why the Command/D decree process often does not work.

When fears come up that are pushing our Command process, it sends out a mixed signal to the Universal Manifesting Energies and the Law of Attraction. Sometimes people send out a Command/Decree that is pushed by, say 6 fears. The universe complies with bringing forth those 6 fears, as that is what the energy is signaling. So if you are Decreeing something, and are fearful over the results, your next step is to clear those fears first, have faith and trust, send a new “clean” signal or Command/Decree …and then allow the magic to happen.

Also, be consistent, be kind to yourself and remember we are peeling back multitudes of lifetimes of limiting patterns. Patience is also a virtue we are all mastering at this time.

With Love and light,


Transformational Sessions ~ Empower Your life

Private Transformational Healing Sessions

For personal in-depth assistance with Lanaiya King

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These are not your typical energy sessions. Many gifts await you.

Sessions by phone, Skype (international clients) or in-person (Salt Lake City area)

By appointment:

Email Lanaiya. King@gmail.com

Phone:  801-604-2585 USA mountain time

Working With Angels, Part 2


If you have read part 1, you will hopefully now be impassioned and encouraged work  directly with Angels.

Assigning Angels

 What a concept! Yes, this is not only possible, but there are more angels than people on this planet, in service to all of us, just waiting to be asked for help.  They are here anyway, yet when you ask directly, you get help directly, in the way of bigger-better, more!


Get an inexpensive spiral notebook, or a pad to dedicate to your Angel processes.
Write down specific things, or catagories of things you want help with.  This could include, buying a new car,  help with finances,  relationship issues,  getting a new job, answers to questions, moving beyond certain issues…the sky is the limit.
Assign one group of angels per task, by firing the passion in your heart and calling a group of angels in ( out loud is always good)  to support you for this purpose.
Consider to ask for proof positive, totally recognizable signals of their assistance that will hit you in the face, so to speak.
Consider giving time frames, if this is applicable.
Every time you get assistance with each task, thank the angels!  Write what happened in your book.  This tells the angels you are excited and continuing to consciously work with them.  They love this, and it greatly adds to your partnership with them.
 After each task is accomplished, thank and bless your angels.  Do this in a ceremony if you like, that can be as simple as lighting a candle, going into your heart, and sending a wave back of love and gratitude.
 Release these angels back to humanity, or assign them a new task

Make this a fun exercise, and post your comments below with your successes!


With Love and Gratitude, We Salute the Angels!!!



Working With Angels, Part 1


 Yes, we really do have a Guardian Angel! 

 I was quite amazed to discover this for myself.  Here is a big and hopefully  inspiring story for you, with an exercise to follow.
 A long while ago, a client asked me if I worked with the Angels.  I replied, “Oh my, yes! Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, the Elohim contingency, etc. etc.  Many angels are part of my energy work  teams of light.   “No no!”, she said, “I mean, do you work with your Guardian Angel ?”
 I was stunned.  Do you mean we really do have a Guardian Angel who is real and not just a religious idea??   She assured me this was so.
Being quite fascinated about this possibility, I went out and purchased a deck of Angel Cards and dedicated it to my Guardian Angel.  I used the cards purposely to begin a communication, and to develop a one-on-one conscious relationship. I did not expect what followed.
 Much to my surprise, beyond my formal sessions with the cards, I began receiving clear guidance and helpful suggestions, sometimes even when not solicited. A communication shortly followed, that changed my life.
 I was planning a trip to Sedona for a spiritual workshop.  The words came through…”Bring Your Body Work Table”.  I’m thinking, why?  Again the same Words came through the next day.  I’m thinking, it’s too big for the car, forget it. On the day of the trip, while loading my car, again, in a booming voice…Bring the Table!!!  Alright already! I put the table into the car and off I went.
 The short of a long story is, that as I introduced myself to the workshop group, I found myself saying, “if anyone wants some energy work, I brought my table.”   That’s it, that’s all I said, no explanation or anything. Well, about 35 people had a session during the evenings at free time, (wow! which they paid for, double wow!!!) and 3 people asked to sponsor me and my work around the country.  This was the lightening beginning of my work going national, and the fuse instantly lit with referrals springing up like wildfire from that point forward.

  So that’s it…the Amazing Angels, true, real, and totally here for us.

  Work with your Guardian Angel, make a dedication or declaration to do so, and develop an intimate relationship.  You are sure to receive extraordinary gifts, blessings, and direct witness to your assistance from “on high”.


 Always remember… We do our part, they do theirs….hereby weaving a truly divine and co-creative partnership!

Our New 12-Fold Chakra System

new chakra system

Our new Chakra System
(Also called the 5th Dimensional Solar Spine) 

The Seven- fold  Chakra System is now obsolete…Be sure to work with all 12 Centers & Colors for Chakra Cleansing & Healing Meditations
1…..  Root – Sacrum
2…… Sexual Center
3…..  Solar Plexus (mid torso above navel)
4…..  Diaphragm
5….. Heart
6….  Thyroid – high heart
7….. Throat
8….  Occiput – Well of Dreams (indentation behind head 1st cervical area)
9….. Pineal Gland (third eye)
10…. Pituitary Gland
11…. Crown (top of head)
12…  Universal Male (above the head to the right)
13…  Universal Female (above the head to the left)
Underlined Chakras  indicate the new ones coming online.    


Chakra Colors & Attributes
All 12 colors radiate from all 12 chakras

1.   Blue…….masculine divine will and power, forward movement,  protection and nurturing of the birth or creation (feminine)  and allowing it to thrive and manifest in the  world
2.  Yellow……divine wisdom and illumination, higher thought
3.  Pink…….feminine divine love and reverence for all life, inspiration
4.  White……ascension and resurrection, purification, zero tolerance for anything in fear or      illusion
5.  Green……truth and healing, access to the records of your soul
6.  Ruby Red…….divine grace and devotion, get-up-and-go, strength
7.  Violet…….transmutation and forgiveness, locks in perfection
8.  Aquamarine.…..perception and clarity, overview based on truth
9.  Magenta………harmony and balance, the grand equalizer
10.  Gold……….abundance and eternal peace, food for the soul, physical sustainance, master teacher vibration
11.  Peach……….purpose and joy, helps connect to your soul signature
12.  Opalescent………transfiguration and transformation, trancendance beyond illusion into the worlds of illumined truth, creation through pure love.




Remaining Clear Around Negative Energy & People


 This is great advice for healers (massage therapists, spiritual healers, etc.) and FOR EVERYONE not wanting to take on any form of negativity from a person or the environment.

 Yes, you can be with anyone, and go anywhere while remaining clear 7 balanced.  Don’t give your power away to ‘Walmart’ by staying home!


1.  Intention is everything.  If you think” you will catch it, you will, not because this is “the way it is”, but because you have just created this for yourself, in your mind.
2.  Stay centered in your heart and sense inner strength.  The stronger force never succumbs to the weaker force unless you give permission.  See #1.
3.  The stronger force  “entrains” the weaker force into balance.
This means you actually help bring alignment to all negativity by holding your light.
4. Just because you feel negativity, doesn’t mean you are “catching it”.  Use your heightened senses for information.  Notice what feels good and what doesn’t and use this information to make decisions. 
5.  For Energy Workers and Hands-On Healers, use the universal flow of limitless energy, never your personal energy.  Act as a huge conduit for universal healing light.  If you think you have plenty of personal energy and give it away to others, you will most likely become drained.
6. Be detached.  Serve up the healing treatment and then release it to your client to accept or not.  If you become personally attached to the outcome (like they have to have great results because they’re paying $100), then you have just colluded with their issues because you have taken a personal interest. You’ve opened yourself up to taking on their patterns.
7. Avoid working with others if you are not feeling well.  Common sense.
8. If you feel you have taken something on, no worries, just wash yourself in cleansing light (the Violet Flame is wonderful for this).  Whatever you create, you can un-create.  You are in charge.
9.  End each session by pulling your energy out (through intention or words), sealing the session with light, and possibly having a short ceremony to cleanse.  I always pull out using words, seal my sessions with Reiki symbols, and wash my hands with water. 



Be that Empowered Lighthouse wherever you go!