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“I AM” is Spirit in Action. 

They are two of the most powerful words you can use in manifesting. 

When you say, for example, I AM the Power of Perfection…this sets God or Spirit in action to create perfection for you.
I AM statements, for even 5 minutes each morning or evening, connects you to your higher self and sets a highly effective manifestation wave in motion.


While standing, (I like it best this way…or sitting and writing), begin speaking out loud by making I AM statements about positive qualities of what you would like to create for yourself.  Get into the rhythm and let higher self take over….you might be surprised at what begins to come from your mouth!
Some examples might be…. I AM the open door no one can shut, I AM an invincible being of light, I AM radiantly healthy, I Am vastly successful in my work, I AM easily able to provide for my every need, I am compassionate, loving and kind, I am supported by the universe for my every need, I AM continually receiving money from unexpected places, I AM peaceful and calm in all situations, I AM easily making positive choices in my life, I AM beautiful…..
Even if you don’t quite believe your I AM statements, MAKE THEM ANYWAY, with passion!  You are re-programming your mind and emotions, and beginning to create these wonderful qualities for yourself.
You get the idea!  You may begin to feel wonderful energy around you with this process.

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