Private Transformational Sessions

One hour,  by Skype for international clients,  by phone,  or in person Salt Lake City area.
See “Why Work with Lanaiya”  for more Session information.
By Appointment   $125 USD
(801) 604-2585



Past Life Regression Session

In Person Only, not available by phone.

About Your Regression:

This powerful hypnotherapy session leads you into one or several past lives that have meaning, healing and answers to questions you are seeking now in your current life. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, in   your past life regression with Lanaiya King, you will make an intimate connection with your subconscious mind (also called the higher self or universal mind). This is an aspect of you that has all of the memory, knowledge and infinite wisdom of your soul, including all lifetime incarnations.

Access to this part of your memory is mostly blocked by the critical thinking mind, or waking state.  With  your regression, we will bypass this part of the mind, and gain access to lifetimes that hold keys to understandings that are important for you here and now.

Once a connection to your subconscious mind  is opened during your session, it often becomes easier for you to access answers and guidance during your normal  waking state.


Benefits you may receive:

Profound healing and positive change may occur as a result of these sessions on a physical, emotional, and life level.  A bigger life picture may emerge as to who you truly are. Previously attained  mastery, skills and talents may be illuminated  helping you to shift  into a more rewarding life direction. Understandings regarding challenges in your life may be understood to allowing rapid healing.

The true power of your regression resides in the fact that YOU are accessing YOUR OWN answers through the power and direction of your subconscious mind, who has the ability to identify root cause and then heal all forms of disabilities, be they psychological or physical.  If there is resistance,  we will either work through it,  or give homework for you to work on.


The Process:

~ Come with a list of issues you would like to focus on….health issues, relationship questions, life purpose, the sky is the limit.  Write them all down, with the most important ones first.~ We will have a lengthy discussion about your life, childhood, who the major people are in your life including family, partners, friends, etc.  This knowledge is crucial, so I may navigate you through your regression experience by asking the right kind of questions, thereby directing you to the answers you are seeking.

~ All of your questions will be answered  about hypnotherapy, regression, and our session, allowing you to become totally comfortable and relaxed  with the process before we begin.

~ After we review your list of what you would like to achieve, you will then be asked to  surrender the process of your regression to your Subconscious Mind….who knows exactly which lifetime(s) to take you to, to receive your healing and answers.

~ Towards the middle of your regression, I will invite your Subconscious in directly, to answer specific questions that have not already been addressed. This is where the real magic happens.

~ You will come out of hypnosis feeling peaceful, refreshed and wonderful in every way.


Final notes:

Your session will last a half a day.  Morning and afternoon sessions available.

The focus of your session is therapeutic, for personal healing, understanding, improvement, and life empowerment.

All sessions are In Person (no phone sessions available due to the intensity and depth of the process)

Your session will be digitally recorded, and sent via email. ( a CD will be burned if need be)

Wear comfortable clothing.


Certification / Training:

 Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.  Merrimack, New Hampshire, April, 2004

Additional specialty training in Past Life Regression.. Dolores Cannon course, 2013

 I am required to state:  Lanaiya King is not a medical doctor. Your session is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure.  For entertainment purposes only.  Fete.



What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an exciting progressive form of alternative medicine, self-improvement, and psychotherapy quickly becoming one of the fastest, easiest and most reliable ways to make positive and lasting change in your life. Hypnosis uses the unlimited power of your mind to develop higher awareness, recognize and break negative self- limiting patterns, and utilizes positive programming for growth, improvement and the change you desire. It assists you in taking control of your body your mind your energy and your life.

The hypnosis  process takes you  from the Beta  brain wave “waking state” to a deeper Theta wave pattern.  In this state, you are able to connect to your subconscious mind, where all of the information about yourself is found.


Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes absolutely! Being in hypnotic state is a very common;  one that everyone enters several times a day without being consciously  aware of it. This happens while watching television, meditating and also falling asleep at night, for example.   During hypnosis, we are controlling this deepened brain wave pattern state that occurs naturally,  and then using it for personal benefit.

An important key is your cooperation, of course. Nothing will happen if you dis-allow the process. Your  welcoming participation is the key.


How does a hypnosis session feel?

Hypnosis feels different for everyone. Typically during a hypnosis session you will feel very relaxed and peaceful, and experiencing a heightened state of awareness. Some people may drift off into a dreamlike state, or even feel as though they were asleep.  There are times when clients describe a sense of timelessness, a sense of floating out of their body, or a feeling of deep spiritual connectedness. It does vary with individuals (some people even SNORE) and the level of hypnosis ranges from twenty-five to 250 times deeper than conscious mind.


Is hypnosis safe?
Yes, absolutely.  You will never do anything in hypnosis that is counter to your beliefs. YOU are in charge. Also, as your subconscious is directing your session, it will NEVER allow harm to come to you.  It is actually watching over you and your entire process, for healing and positive empowering results. 
Will I remember my session afterwards?
The Ideal is to  bring you into the “sonumbulistic” state, where your waking conscious self is very much in the background.  You may remember very little, yet this is the most desired state for profound healing and understanding to occur.  In this state be aware that even though your conscious mind may not ”remember” after your session, you  will still be giving “permission” for everything that is happening, every step of the way.  
All healing and positive change resulting from the session in this state,  will be permanent (unless you actively  refuse it afterwards).   It will be important for you to listen to your recording, to underscore how and why the healing occurred,  and to also work with  the expanded insignts and information.
In a lighter state of hypnosis regression, you will remember all or some of the session, depending on how deep you allow yourself to go.  No matter what level of depth, there will be breakthrough and great result, and all of the above applies. 
In person only, By appointment   (801) 604-2585
$444 Session lasts approximately 4 hours.





Home or Office Clearing & Light Amplification

Create A Living Light Vortex in Your Home or Office.

Includes placement of several energetic crystalline grid light grids, clearing  negative and unsupportive energies from prior occupants, entities, etc., and  establishing a high vibrational Light Vortex to empower and enlighten your home, office or property.
Specific intentions are placed and amplified within the  vortex, creating a chamber of living interactive-light, to nurture and support  conscious living.
Feel the Upgrade!
Clearings can be done on location at site, or remote by phone, just effectively.
By Appointment….Call ( 801) 604-2585

Home / Office Clearing & Energy Upgrade



Workshops and Tele-Seminars  (See Calendar)

Monthly Group “Tune Ups” and Light Amplification..Workshops and Tele-Seminars
These workshops and Tele-Seminars provide on-going assistance to ground, clear, balance and then download  the latest energies and healing codes to awaken your full potential, heal, and move forward.
We discuss leading-edge information as to what’s going on in the world from a lower and higher perspective.  Then, experience a potent clearing and activation led by Lanaiya. Spiritual guides, angels and information abound for fun and a grandly inspiring experience.  (New locations and sponsoring welcome.)
Learn Intuitive Healing…Workshops and Tele-Seminars
No experience required. Learn to work with yourself, friends, or pets. Also great for massage therapists wanting to incorporate energy healing into their work.
The Toolkit,  Tools for Transformation…Workshops and Tele-Seminars
Four  parts, taken individually or discounted as a set.  Take control of your life. Spiritual Coaching, meditations and excercizes to heal and empower. Teachings and excercises derived from 20 years of Lanaiya’s experience, including  the latest cutting-edge techniques available to profoundly shift your life.
Toning (Sound Healing) Workshops
Experience the power of sound and vibration through voice, as a tool for  transformation and healing. No experience required. Come and sit in the beautiful  and transformative energies, or be bold and practice/learn the exercises.




Sponsoring Welcome, With Gratitude…

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