This will not be your ordinary energy session or workshop; many unique, profound and inspired gifts will occur for you, if you are ready. Lanaiya’s ‘Lightwork” will offer insights that may dramatically improve your life positively, in myriad ways. You will be required to do your part by working and committing yourself to your process.
Lanaiya is a sound and vibrational codemaster.  She works on all levels to assist you in profoundly moving forward in your life by breaking through discord,  blocks and unwanted patterns on any and all levels, and facilitates your breakthrough in critical areas of your health, life and work.
Your experience with Laniaya may  include direct re-coding / re-blueprinting to facilitate an awakening to your true identity beyond all fear and lack programming.  This is often life changing, and specific to your unique soul signature, or self.  This results in course correcting your life and health into alignment with your divinity, love, harmony and perfection. You will most likely shift quickly and beautifully into the flow of your divine plan and soul purpose.

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Clients have received the following benefits:

*Spiritual Liberation fulfilling your soul’s potential
*Clarity with specific life issues in relationships, work, family, etc.
*  Communications from your guides & support “teams of light”
* Increased telepathic connection to higher self, guides, etc.  for answers and direction
* DNA clearing and activation
* Clearing stress, doubt and fear
* Deep ancestral lineage and past life clearing
* Increased physical health and vitality, healing without drugs or surgery
* Ability to move forward in life, beyond stagnation and recycling of old patterns
* Heightened creativity and inspiration, being in the flow of life
* Greater sense of peace, love and well-being
* New awareness of purpose and direction
* Release of fears and phobias and addictions
* Sound sleep
* Life beyond pain
* Resolving dysfunctional patterns – identification of, and then clearing of entrenched or core issues
* Entity and lower astral disconnect
* Spiritual gifts and talents awakening
* Increased healing abilities / opening to the healer within
* Galactic and star family connection
* Physical, emotional, mental freedom
* New start in Life