Yes, we really do have a Guardian Angel! 

 I was quite amazed to discover this for myself.  Here is a big and hopefully  inspiring story for you, with an exercise to follow.
 A long while ago, a client asked me if I worked with the Angels.  I replied, “Oh my, yes! Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, the Elohim contingency, etc. etc.  Many angels are part of my energy work  teams of light.   “No no!”, she said, “I mean, do you work with your Guardian Angel ?”
 I was stunned.  Do you mean we really do have a Guardian Angel who is real and not just a religious idea??   She assured me this was so.
Being quite fascinated about this possibility, I went out and purchased a deck of Angel Cards and dedicated it to my Guardian Angel.  I used the cards purposely to begin a communication, and to develop a one-on-one conscious relationship. I did not expect what followed.
 Much to my surprise, beyond my formal sessions with the cards, I began receiving clear guidance and helpful suggestions, sometimes even when not solicited. A communication shortly followed, that changed my life.
 I was planning a trip to Sedona for a spiritual workshop.  The words came through…”Bring Your Body Work Table”.  I’m thinking, why?  Again the same Words came through the next day.  I’m thinking, it’s too big for the car, forget it. On the day of the trip, while loading my car, again, in a booming voice…Bring the Table!!!  Alright already! I put the table into the car and off I went.
 The short of a long story is, that as I introduced myself to the workshop group, I found myself saying, “if anyone wants some energy work, I brought my table.”   That’s it, that’s all I said, no explanation or anything. Well, about 35 people had a session during the evenings at free time, (wow! which they paid for, double wow!!!) and 3 people asked to sponsor me and my work around the country.  This was the lightening beginning of my work going national, and the fuse instantly lit with referrals springing up like wildfire from that point forward.

  So that’s it…the Amazing Angels, true, real, and totally here for us.

  Work with your Guardian Angel, make a dedication or declaration to do so, and develop an intimate relationship.  You are sure to receive extraordinary gifts, blessings, and direct witness to your assistance from “on high”.


 Always remember… We do our part, they do theirs….hereby weaving a truly divine and co-creative partnership!
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