If you have read part 1, you will hopefully now be impassioned and encouraged work  directly with Angels.

Assigning Angels

 What a concept! Yes, this is not only possible, but there are more angels than people on this planet, in service to all of us, just waiting to be asked for help.  They are here anyway, yet when you ask directly, you get help directly, in the way of bigger-better, more!


Get an inexpensive spiral notebook, or a pad to dedicate to your Angel processes.
Write down specific things, or catagories of things you want help with.  This could include, buying a new car,  help with finances,  relationship issues,  getting a new job, answers to questions, moving beyond certain issues…the sky is the limit.
Assign one group of angels per task, by firing the passion in your heart and calling a group of angels in ( out loud is always good)  to support you for this purpose.
Consider to ask for proof positive, totally recognizable signals of their assistance that will hit you in the face, so to speak.
Consider giving time frames, if this is applicable.
Every time you get assistance with each task, thank the angels!  Write what happened in your book.  This tells the angels you are excited and continuing to consciously work with them.  They love this, and it greatly adds to your partnership with them.
 After each task is accomplished, thank and bless your angels.  Do this in a ceremony if you like, that can be as simple as lighting a candle, going into your heart, and sending a wave back of love and gratitude.
 Release these angels back to humanity, or assign them a new task

Make this a fun exercise, and post your comments below with your successes!


With Love and Gratitude, We Salute the Angels!!!



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